Google Executive Wants Industry Standard For Better Online Advertising

Wall Street Journal:

Speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive conference, Mr. Ramaswamy called for a “sustainable ad standard” that would ensure digital ads don’t use a lot of bandwidth and aren’t “rudely interruptive.”

%(emphasis-hover)“This is essential to our survival,”% he added, calling recent announcements by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an industry group, a good start. “We’re talking about getting this in a time frame of months rather than years. We need to get going on this.”

Google execs infamously make some far out claims about the technology industry at large but the same vacuous statements about Google TV don’t transfer across to the online ad industry. Google is the leader, it has the power to enact the changes it pronounces. It doesn’t need to convince a committee of people to form an industry standard, it is the standard.

If the company thinks it has to do something major in online ads to sustain itself, %(emphasis-hover)as Ramaswamy’s comments indicate%, it can just do it and everyone else will have to follow, as long as Google’s new solution is unequivocally superior.