Google Announcing 3D Maps, Conveniently, Five Days Before WWDC


Google, it seems, is trying to steal some thunder from Apple and is holding an invite-only press event in San Francisco where the company promises to unveil “the next dimension of Google Maps.”

The invitation also notes that Google will offer attendees “a behind-the-scenes look at Google Maps and share our vision. We’ll also demo some of the newest technology and provide a sneak peek at upcoming features that will help people get where they want to go — both physically and virtually.”

Google, of course, would know that Apple isn’t carrying out with Google as the contract renewal would have fallen through. Obviously, they want to announce this before WWDC to try and steal the thunder, but I don’t think it makes much difference. Apple will get the press attention, regardless.

If Google announced their own 3D mapping on June 6th or at Google I/O (June 27th), it wouldn’t make a difference. Instead, they’ve just made themselves look a bit “me too”-ish …

I mean, what’s next? Google pushing Jelly Bean, and all it’s other announcements, before WWDC simply to be “first”?