Aftermarket Gold Plated Apple Watches


First, here’s a quick recap of how WatchPlate, the service we first discovered in May, transforms ordinary Apple Watches into beautiful but affordable Edition-like timepieces. You buy a stainless steel Apple Watch (the gold plating doesn’t work with aluminum Sport models) and ship it to WatchPlate. For a flat rate of $399, the company plates your Apple Watch and band in 18k yellow or rose gold and ships it back within roughly 3-4 business days. Shipping is covered and you can pay a little more to have additional bands plated.

The result is super impressive, especially considering the complexity of the Apple Watch being a miniature computer aside from metal casing.

You’d be able to tell from the weight (and the insignia on the back) that isn’t a real Edition but it sure looks like one. If Apple was run by Samsung designers, there would be officially gold-plated Apple Watches already. Ive would never allow Apple to sell such a product with materials so untrue to themselves (steel pretending to be gold), even though I reckon it would sell well.