Gibson On Apple Buying Twitter

Patrick Gibson:

Where Apple falls short, Twitter flies. Not only does Twitter use some of the most advanced web technology, they invented it. They own scale. They know how to send hundreds of thousands of tweets a minute. Further, Twitter is social network with values that (used to) reflect Apple: focus and simplicity.

Apple should buy Twitter not for its social network, but for its talent and technology. That talent and technology could undoubtably help bring Apple and iCloud into the 21st century. The social network is basically an added bonus.

It is an interesting tenet of the whole “Apple-buys-Twitter” debate, but I don’t see why Apple would want to suddenly have the entire burden of Twitter on their shoulders, just for their supposed server and network ‘expertise’.

Is there that much more benefit to Apple in buying the whole company, rather than just hiring individual talented employees to achieve their internet service aims?