Galaxy Note 10.1's Multiscreen Mode

The Verge:

The Note’s performance suffers worst of all in its special multiscreen mode. Android isn’t really designed to run two apps at once, and switching between the open “windows” results in lengthy delays while the system catches up to your inputs. In practice it makes multiscreen essentially useless, since you can’t really use two apps at once — you’re just as well off using the standard task switcher.

Watch the video at 02:45. The performance is horrid. I can’t believe Samsung shipped it like that. Even if it worked correctly, I remain unconvinced multi-window experiences are enjoyable on 10 inch, and smaller, tablets.

However, I’m excited to see the Windows 8 implementation of dual-windows in action where you split the display not in half, but leave most of the screen to the primary app and reserve a skinny column for the second app. As developers have to specifically customise their apps to display appropriately in the small one-third width column, it might succeed where traditional implementations have not.