Bloomberg Says Ive Is Considering "Dramatic" Changes To Mail And Calendar


Ive, 46, has begun revamping iPhone and iPad applications, shunning realistic images, such as wood bookshelves for the Newsstand feature, and he’s exploring more dramatic changes to the e-mail and calendar tools, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans are private.

Gurman published a great piece yesterday on the impact Ive is having on iOS 7 visually. However, Bloomberg’s piece gives me reassurance that Ive’s influence is not limited to surface cosmetic changes. More than their visual appearance, how Ive thinks about how apps should behave and respond to users is of great interest.

Mail and Calendar are great candidates for a deeper rethink, too. They are both core apps that a lot of customers use regularly and have seen (almost-comically) little change from their iPhone OS 1.0 versions.