Kickstarter Game "Forced" Describes Their Journey

Unity Technologies Blog:

Dedicating ourselves full-time to game development without a salary required us to skip classes. We also started to camp out in an empty classroom during the summer vacation. By some miracle no one discovered our “camp”. So we stayed, for seven months. Some of us actually moved out of our apartment to take up residence at the University. We had a gym, baths and a kitchen in the teacher’s room—everything we needed.

Then one morning, a teacher randomly walked in and saw 8 guys brushing their teeth in their underwear. We were kicked out of course, but those seven months of living together had turned us into a team. We proved to each other, and ourselves, how committed we were to making our game.

Hopefully the game is as good as the story behind it. Forced is launching for Mac, Windows and Linux soon. (Unity, the underlying game framework the developers are using, streamlines cross-platform compatibility a lot.)