Eric Jackson Compares iCloud Versus Flickr Storage Plans


In case you’re like me and you signed up for iCloud a year ago and have it on auto-renew, you probably can’t even remember what iCloud costs.

Here is an iCloud refresher:

  • You get the first 5 GB of storage free

  • The next 10 GB (for 15 GB total) costs $20/year

  • 20 additional GB (for 25 GB total) costs $40/year

  • 50 additional GB (for 55 GB total) costs $100/year

That might have been a great deal for storage a year ago when iCloud was first rolled out. However, Yahoo!’s new Flickr storage pricing certainly catches your eye.

Yahoo! is giving you 1 terabyte of storage for free. That’s 1,024 GB of free photo space.

Jackson’s stupidity can be excused because his cognitive function is impaired due to the bombardment of banner ads that Apple shoves down his eyeballs to fund their iCloud service.

Oh wait, never mind. He’s just stupid.