First iPhone 5 Ads Released

These ads, thankfully, could not look less like the Genius ads. They are back in “App For That” territory: the generic hand, the phone itself and a white backdrop.

“Thumbs” is meant to show off the 4 inch display of the iPhone, but I actually think “Physics” does a better job at doing this, as it demonstrates 16:9 video playback. I just think it doesn’t do a stellar job at telling people about the larger screen. Note that despite new iOS 6 features such as Passbook or Do Not Disturb, Apple sticks to demoing sending email and browsing Safari. They show what ordinary people actually do with their phones.

My least favourite is “Cheese”. The voice acting is a bit, well, cheesy. The intake of breath is clearly forced and it makes the ad feel a bit cheap. Ignoring the audio, the screenplay is fantastic. Without doubt, people watching this ad will get that the iPhone can take panoramas, really simply.

The “Ears” spot is probably not going to be aired as frequently as the others, but the message it portrays is brilliant. The time they take to explain the shape of ears is a parallel to the care and attention that Apple gives to all of its products. Unlike the others, it is more of a brand ad, reinforcing (what Apple wants people to think as) their values, and rounds off the campaign well.