More BBC Radio Employees Going To Apple

Music Business Worldwide:

If Apple lands Yeates, it will perhaps be the most interesting new hire of all: he’s the exec largely responsible for orchestrating Radio 1’s up-and-coming talent programme, BBC Introducing.

“There’s no denying that there’s something of an exodus to Apple from Radio 1 right now,” a well-placed BBC source told MBW.

It is times like this when the vast reach of Apple can really be appreciated — an American technology company is causing a mass departure from a British radio station. Also note that Apple’s new music thing must either be really compelling and interesting to encourage these employees to defect or Apple is offering large financial incentives to switch over.

I don’t know how much BBC Radio employees get paid but I can easily see how a private company (especially one as large as Apple) can outbid the paycheques offered by a government-funded national radio station.

As an amusing coincidence, I was on BBC Radio on Friday.