Engadget Reviews The Neptune Pine Smartwatch


All the social networks I tried didn’t feel terrible. In fact, some of them were very positive experiences. In particular, Twitter and Instagram worked really well.

Granted, I haven’t used one of these things personally, but there is no way I could described that Instagram interface as a “positive experience”. It’s horrid. This is the definition of a phone on your wrist — a conceptual disaster.

Smartwatches succeed when they do enough things that phones can’t do or are bad at doing. I always come back to how Jobs introduced the iPad, clearly placing the iPad as better than both a phone and a laptop in several key areas. The same thing applies to the watch. The obvious example is the health sensor tracking — phones don’t have contact to the skin so they can’t do that stuff.

That’s what I’m most looking for on Tuesday; what else has Apple done to make the iWatch superior to an iPhone. Health tracking alone isn’t enough.