Eddy Cue Replied To An Email Entitled 'Pen Thrown In Your Face'


Tim Cook may have called the Haunted Empire book ‘nonsense’, but the derisive comments about the book from Apple executives do not end there. Personally, I found the pen-throwing anecdote too funny and decided to ask Cue whether it was true or not. I wasn’t really expecting a reply, but to my surprise he actually did.

I normally avoid linking to my own 9to5 stuff here, but I have to make an exception for this. Not only is it hilarious in its own right, but the bluntness of the response is spot on. Cue implies agitation without explicitly saying anything. Also, there’s a rather childlike reaction in me to see Yukari Kane’s story fall apart through a one sentence email and a measly three word reply.

Cue could be lying, of course. Based on the countless denials of other stories in Haunted Empire, it’s extremely hard to give her the benefit of the doubt.