Images Of An iPhone 5S Featuring A 'Smart' Dual-Flash System Emerge  


From the image above, it certainly appears that the two LEDs will throw off different color light. For instance, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo said that the LED flash will feature both white and yellow-based lights, unlike the sole white light on past iPhones. With that in mind, based on light sensors that Apple has included in its product before, we speculate that Apple may be able to light up either one or both lights depending on determined lighting conditions or use a determined amount of light from each flash. For example, for photos taken at a concert (where the scene is typically dark with many lights flashing), Apple’s new iPhone could light up appropriately for the user to take the best possible shot.

The ‘smart’ dual-colour system will allow Apple to frame this as an innovation, rather than ‘catch-up’, as a lot of phones already feature standard dual flashes. In general, Apple continues to extend its lead in smartphone photography.