Drang Reviews Tweetbot for Mac

Dr. Drang:

What bothered me the most, though, was Tweetbot’s decision to set itself apart from other apps by putting a dark border around three sides of its window. This is OK in a graphics app, where you make the windows large (if not full-screen) and work in them for long periods of time; but it’s distracting in an app with a little window that sits off in the corner of your screen, usually in the background. It just doesn’t fit in with everything around it.

Despite relying on Tweetbot for iPhone religiously, I don’t use Tweetbot for Mac for precisely this reason. The black window chrome doesn’t gel well with the rest of OS X. The price is prohibitive too. If the price was lower, I probably would have bought it by now — at least to give it a test drive. However, I am loathed to pay £14 for an app that I know I won’t like that much.