Delicious Library 3

Ars Technica:

DL3 has something new for everyone. On the surface, the bookshelf UI has been put into overdrive—the shelf itself now has crown molding and the entire thing has been rendered in 3D using OS X Mountain Lion’s SceneKit. There are now three different light sources pointed at the bookshelf to boost the visuals, and perhaps most jarringly (at first), the items on your bookshelf move to face your cursor. It’s as if they’ve come alive and decided to keep an eye on your every move.

Delicious Library is taking skeuomorphism to the next level at a time when most are eschewing it as a fad.

Regarding the use of SceneKit, I think it’s cool that the framework has finally left the ‘Tech Demo’ area, but I’m not sure if it’s practical. All the 3D rendering makes my laptop fans spin up and, frankly, I want my fans to be silent as much as possible.