John Gruber Hosts The Talk Show With Craig Federighi And Eddy Cue

Daring Fireball:

Very special guests Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi join the show. Topics include: the new features in Apple’s upcoming OS releases (iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2); why Apple is expanding its public beta program for OS releases; iTunes’s monolithic design; how personally involved Eddy and Craig are in using, testing, and installing beta software; the sad decline of Duke’s men’s basketball team; and more.

Notable catch to get both Federighi and Cue on a single episode, just weeks after Federighi featured alone. You can intuitively guess most of the answers to Gruber’s questioning; anything controversial is diplomatically sidestepped by Cue or Federighi. There was an interesting commentary on iTunes however.

In response to iTunes bloat, Cue intimates that Apple has been considering what to do with their music situation for about two years. Although he outright confirms nothing in what he says, my interpretation of Cue’s words strongly suggest that Apple will soon break out iTunes into separate apps: independent apps dedicated to Music, Videos, Podcasts etcetera. Cue suggests that an iTunes update of some kind is coming in March, I would expect the big announcements on this front to come at WWDC — it will be a big crowd pleaser.