Dom Esposito Visits Shenzhen, Buys Some Hilarious Counterfeit Apple Products


Ever wonder where most of the world’s knock-off Apple products and electronics come from? Recently, I took a trip to Shenzhen in China and got to check out the madness first hand. In Shenzhen, they’ll slap an Apple logo on just about anything and try to pass it off as legitimate. Needless to say, it makes for a very comical experience.

This video is so good. Dom bought a ton of random tech stuff he found and basically unboxes it all. It’s all counterfeit of course. What makes this so hilarious is that these aren’t bad clones of legitimate tech products. They aren’t merely ‘real fakes’, it’s so much more absurd. One example: There is a battery pack that is designed to look like an iPhone 6 with rear-facing FCC markings, camera holes and other such details. It isn’t a phone at all though, it’s just a portable micro-USB battery charger. So weird. Watch the video for a good laugh, including a fantastic demo of the Motorona brick phone.