Cards Against Humanity Hilarity

Ella's Art blog:

this says i get an instant 1$ rebate. and it’s on the inside. that mean i get a dollar back instantly! now just how exactly did they do that?

they put a dollar inside. a literal actual dollar. imagine my reaction when i saw a dollar inside of this little package, cause it was literally the first thing i saw.

I don’t have any tangible connection to the game itself, I don’t think I’ve ever played a game of Cards Against Humanity to completion. The concept is good but I’m not confident enough to make the crude jokes which are the crux of the gameplay.

Even so, I think the Cards Against Humanity company is a fantastic entity. Everything they do feels like it was thought up by a group of people sipping drinks and coming up with stupid ideas that are nevertheless practically possible. As an added bonus, the company raises a lot of money for charities along the way.

I haven’t bothered to verify if the Tumblr story is true, that every CAH packet sold at Target advertises a $1 rebate and includes a real $1 bill inside. In general, I would be very skeptical about such an anecdote due to the questionable legality of reselling currency as retail goods. It’s a funny, dumb, minor joke that no normal company would bother navigating the statutory legalese (or suffer the 25% drop in unit margin) to actually execute. Yet, because it’s Cards Against Humanity, it’s believable.