Mike Beasley On New iPod Touch Pricing

Mike Beasley, 9to5Mac:

The first and most obvious point that comes to mind in this debate is that Apple has now admitted that there is no real need for the $100 gap other than to pad profits. There’s no technical reason that doubling the storage capacity of an iPhone should cost $100, and Apple, one could argue, is now willing to concede the issue.

This is definitely the most interesting implication of the ‘new’ iPods. I think it’s impossible to infer what the new iPhone pricing will be from this alone, but it does signal that something is changing with regard to internal iOS storage.

I think its almost certain that 32 GB becomes the default. That’s what I think they have to do, at least. Anything more is a nice bonus. If they still charge a $100 premium to get a 64 GB iPhone 6, I wouldn’t be upset (even though I know I’m getting ripped off). I care much more about iCloud storage pricing, than the costs of local storage.