Apple Posts Final Three Apple Watch Guided Tours


Apple Pay: Pay quickly and securely. And setup is simple.

Activity: Track your daily activity and stay motivated to sit less, move more and get some exercise.

Workout: See metrics like distance, pace or speed, calories burned, and heart rate during workouts.

Ignoring the ridiculousness that it took Apple the day before the Watch ships to complete these videos, the Apple Pay video is really cool. The Watch plays this animation as your preferred bank card appears, with light glare reflecting off the surface. It’s also timed with a slick 3D transform.

The Activity and Workout apps also look well done, with a logical navigation structure and cute accompanying animations to guide the user along. One oddity I did notice, though, is that at the end of a workout Apple Watch specifically asks the user if they want to Save or Discard the workout record. I’m not sure why this intermediary step exists — workouts should just be saved automatically without user intervention.