Apple Watch Not Just Behind Glass In Retail Stores


If a customer wants to try out the Apple Watch without going through the try-on and sales process, they will be able to use a new demo unit connected to an iPad mini. Additionally, customers who already know which Apple Watch they would like to purchase can buy one via a dedicated purchase station.

Gurman’s story has a lot of new details about the store sales process, but this stands out. The ‘watches-under-glass’ approach Apple has spoken about before felt lacking to me. The appeal of the Apple Store is that you can walk in off the street and immediately touch iPhones and iPads.

Interacting with Apple’s products is a huge part of clinching the sale. Regardless of how pretty Apple’s jewellery tables are, they do not offer the same customer experience opportunities as Apple’s other products which are not locked behind glass.

I would be concerned if Apple’s only answer to this problem was to make an appointment. I’m really happy to see that Apple will also put these ‘placards’ on show for anyone to try out the Watch impromptu. The text on the iPad mini in the photo confirms that the Watch unit is responsive to user input, rather than just looping a demo video.