iOS 9 Apple Watch Interactive Animated Achievements 

These are so cool on iOS 9 (and watchOS 2). Rather than being prerecorded videos, the trophies are rendered in realtime as 3D objects so you can flick and swivel them around with your finger. The material lighting is fantastic and it’s super responsive — even on the Watch. Many of the achievements are also engraved with your name to add that splash of personalisation.

It also makes me more motivated to unlock all of the other possible achievements just so I can see what they look like as fully 3D objects. I’ve seen some argue that these achievements are inconsistent with the flat design of the operating system. Sometimes though, you have to break the rules. This is a nice dash of skeuomorphism to add some real flair to the experience. Imagine that these achievements were merely flat 2D drawings. It wouldn’t be as fun nor as endearing.