Apple Using Major Networks To Negotiate On Behalf Of Local Broadcasters

New York Post:

Apple’s discussions with ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox initially foundered over the tech giant’s desire to offer on the soon-to-launch service local live TV feeds streamed on any Apple device, sources said.

But networks don’t control affiliate feeds. So Apple CEO Tim Cook’s team asked the networks to obtain those rights — instead of having Apple chase those rights around the country itself.

Only Apple could get arrangements like this. This is the kind of thing where Apple’s competitors don’t stand a chance. They simply don’t have the market power to negotiate on these axes.

Another great example is shown through Apple Pay launching in the UK. Apple motivated merchants into hanging Apple Pay signs before the service even launched, has banks paying out their own marketing budget to advertise Apple Pay in newspapers and got Transport for London to promote Apple Pay heavily on the tube network. Mobile payments services have existed for ages, especially in the UK, but no one has managed to achieve this level of attention.