Next Version Of Android Likely To Be 4.3, Not 5.0

Android Police:

We now know that Google is working on Android 4.3, which is still Jelly Bean. Today’s findings suggest (this part is in my opinion, not a fact) that the company is going to unveil 4.3 and not 5.X at Google I/O. I may end up being wrong on this one, but all the clues are lining up pretty well to fit this theory.

Even though I/O is Google’s biggest event of the year, it is not the event where Google announces the next major version of Android.

Gadgetronica has said that Google has delayed 5.0 internally due to OEM issues, which means it will not be ‘ready’ for I/O. My understanding, which matches up with Google’s past behaviour, is that 5.0 was never on track for a release at I/O.