WiFi Direct Capabilities Coming To iPhone 5


One such part that we have not talked about is the Broadcom BCM4334 that has been found in code dumps. The BCM4334 is a step up from the 65nm BCM4330 used on the “new” iPad and the iPhone 4S, and it is notably built on a smaller, more efficient 40nm process.

Along with now-standard stuff like Bluetooth 4.0 and FM radios, this chip also features dual-band Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi Direct is the technology that enables AirDrop on Lion, which is why it is only able to be activated on certain Macs (from about 2008 onwards). AirDrop on iOS is an interesting thought, as whilst it would speed up direct sharing between your Mac and your iOS device, the mechanics of the function are unclear.

For example, what happens to the file once it appears on your iPhone? Do you have to “open in” to save it permanently? Or would there be a temporary location where AirDrop files remain? Unlike the Mac, on an iPhone or iPad, you can’t save to desktop. There is no desktop.