Adobe Wants 10% Of Revenue From iOS Apps Created With Adobe Director


As noted by Mac4Ever, Adobe has recently updated its end-user license agreement for Adobe Director 12 requesting developers publishing paid iOS apps provide Adobe with 10% of earnings above $20,000. The recently released Adobe Director 12 introduced the ability to publish games directly to iOS, but developers in Adobe’s forums are not too pleased with the company’s decision to take 10% of earnings from iOS apps published to the App Store. At least one game published with the software is already available on App Store: Rally Point 3 by Xform Games.

Adobe can do whatever they want, but I can’t wait to see how they police this. Are Adobe employees really going to be able to find all the iOS apps in the store made using Director, ask developers how much money they make, and then — if more than $20,000 — chase said developers for payment?

It’s just not scalable.