Benjamin Mayo

iOS developer. Apple blogger.

I am an iOS developer with seven years of professional experience. I have worked with numerous clients as a contractor, as well as manage a handful of my own apps. I have rich knowledge of UIKit, Swift, Objective-C and Apple platforms in general.

Beyond programming and design, I critically analyse Apple's movements as a tech industry blogger. I write for 9to5Mac and co‑host the Happy Hour podcast.

  • Honk

    I led development on the realtime chat screens for the Honk messaging app, including complicated custom UI work to meet exacting company design specifications. I also implemented the main client backend, synchronising incoming API requests and web socket streams in a performant way.

  • EjectBar

    To become familiar with SwiftUI, I solved a personal need with EjectBar. It's a simple Mac menu bar app to quickly eject all connected drives. This app expanded my knowledge of macOS APIs as well as introducing me to fundamental SwiftUI paradigms.

  • Tabs to Links

    I had been making iOS apps for a long time and finally found motivation to transfer my learnings to the Mac and AppKit. Tabs to Links uses a clever combination of AppleScript and Safari Extension APIs to work around App Store sandboxing restrictions.

  • Daily Dictionary

    Daily Dictionary work involves developing and maintaining a server infrastructure to send out daily push notifications to users. The app itself features a highly-custom UI, Siri Shortcuts integration and a home screen widget. Daily Dictionary uses my open-source framework MerchantKit for subscription in-app purchase management.

  • Circuit

    In this project, I carefully replicated an existing client's Android app as a native application for iPhone and iPad. MapKit was employed to visualise routes and directions, with rapid feature development required to meet specifications for the company's growing business.

  • Logic Puzzles Daily

    Logic Puzzles Daily featured a custom interactive game board, syncing of game progress using Game Center and automatically downloading new daily puzzles from a remote content engine.

  • Turbulence Forecast

    I was tasked to replace the client's aged and deprecated iPhone app with a brand new app built from the ground up. In addition to my usual iOS development skillset, this work involved managing and deploying a migration strategy for existing users.

  • 9to5Mac

    In addition to contributing as a writer, I manage the 925 network of iOS applications, and developed the backend push notifications platform running on Amazon Web Services. This project revolves around the development of a flexible codebase. This powers the 9to5Mac application and apps for other 925 brands with a consistent feature set and UI, which can be themed for each site.

  • Southampton Buses

    I designed and developed a bus transportation app for the town of Southampton, heavily utilising MapKit and Core Location. This was my first app designed in the post-iOS 7 era, and took advantage of new framework features like view controller transitions and NSURLSession.

  • Cloudier

    I developed the first version of Cloudier for iOS, a fully-featured file manager for the CloudApp service. I closely collaborated with a designer to bring their mockups to life. CloudApp was later acquired to become the official mobile client for the company.

  • Bingo Machine

    My first venture into iOS app development, I released Bingo Machine in early 2011. The app somehow took off and I continue to release updates to this day. In regard to both engineering and design, careful consideration is taken to ensure it can meet the needs of its global customer base with region-specific rules and localisation.